Land Rover Restorations

Land Rover refurbishment and restorations

We are very proud of all the restoration projects that we have undertaken.

We are in favour of future proofing your Land Rover Series or Defender to outlast the designers’ life expectancy. Our full nut-and-bolt restorations will provide many years of trouble free motoring. This is achieved by a full disassembly of your vehicle, examining every part that is removed. In some cases, if the vehicle’s chassis allows, we have it shot blasted to bare metal. Any small repairs are carried out before we send it off to Cardiff Galvanisers for “hot dip galvanising”. The bulkhead and many other steel sections are also shot blasted and hot dip galvanised. Other parts are either zinc plated or powder coated.

Body panels are also disassembled and painted both inside and out by Spraytech Penryn. If the chassis is not salvageable a new Richards Chassis will be used and the reassembly starts. We use stainless steel nuts, bolts and fixings where possible and for suspension and steering the correct grade of nuts and bolts are used.

Attention to detail is very important at every stage of assembly and we encourage the vehicle’s owner to come in and actually see their Land Rover being rebuilt. In pretty much all restorations new clutches and the hard-to-get to parts are renewed while the vehicle is being built back up.

For more information please contact us so we can make an appointment to discuss your restoration project.

If your budget is limited we can discuss options that are available but the most important underpinnings are the chassis and bulkhead. These two carry the rest of the vehicle and must be in perfect condition and galvanising is the only successful way of protecting the steel from corroding.

The end results speak for themselves.

Happy Customers

Client testimonials

Mr. Davey

Exeter, Devon

Major chassis upgrade for my Series 3 to a galvanised one. I am over the moon with the work. Will recommend you.

Mr. Marshware

Penzance, Cornwall

Bulk head replacement and near transmission job was done superbly. Thank you Steve and the team, a great job.

Mr. Ashley

Truro, Cornwall

Brilliant service. The technician was very knowledgable and managed to complete the repair quickly and efficiently. Thank you!


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